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[31 Jan 2018|08:14pm]
I am an RP'er. I do not have a personal journal on this server. I play a variety of characters, some original, some celeb, in a variety of placess.
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Ugh [25 Jul 2014|07:26am]
So I should have learned my lesson about getting too close to other RP'ers OOC.

I have a situation because of the fact the other player now hates me based on lies and rumors made in the game. Player says they can no longer write with me and no longer trusts me. Thing is our two characters have a GREAT story line in a large established community on another server. Other player said they will still be in the game but probably not interact much with my girl, his wife. And left it up to me to decide whether to play them still married and living separate lives, doing what they want, or get a divorce. They just got married in December and have a baby.

Personally neither option is what I want. But I don't know what I want. I don't want OOC personal feelings interfering with the game. I can still write our characters together but the other play cannot.
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[23 Dec 2012|08:10am]
No matter how many communities I am in, with different characters even, I run into the same people, and they post the exact same post in every community that house that character. I may read and comment on it once, but I just can't bring myself to do it multiple times. Two different people in my communities, in the last week have done this and I am wondering where the originality is? And when all they post is a link to some article about their work, it's even worst.

I guess though, if you are going to play that many versions of the same character you do not have time for originality.
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